Where will the hackathon be held?
The Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology will host the event and provide accommodation for all participants (BioPharmCluster).

Address: 9 Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region.

How to get to MIPT:

  • (recommended) From either "Savyolovsky" Train Station or Platform "Timiryazevskaya" take a train to "Novodachnaya" or "Dolgoprudnaya" platform (~20 minutes);
  • From Metro Station "Rechnoi Vokzal", take bus or minibus №368 to the last stop (~40 minutes);
  • From Metro Station "Planernaya" take bus №472 to "Dolgoprudnaya" platform, next go along the Pervomayskaya street with south direction to campus (10–12 minutes);
  • From Metro Station "Altufevo", take minibus №545 (456 C) to "MIPT" stop (~15 minutes).
What is the maximum number of people in a team?
We allow teams of up to 5 people.
Will travel, accommodation and food expenses be covered?
We will take care of the accommodation expenses of participants. Coffee-breaks, pizza and other "traditional hackers" food will be provided.
Can we change team composition during the hackathon?
Yes, you may build a new team on Monday 2 of July. We expect that each team will consists of 5 members.
Will computational resources be provided?
We plan to give our participants a 24/7 access to 10 remote instances (2 vCPU, 16 Gb RAM, GTX 1080).
How will you define the winners of Qualification Round?
We will invited top-50 participants from the Leaderboard. As the deadline was extended at the last moment, we will invited also that participants who entered top-50 before the extention.
Where can I watch the broadcast?
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