Qualification Round Task

The qualification round task is a machine learning problem, in which you will need to implement a neural network from scratch and train it to perform text classification on a simple dataset. Please download this Jupyter Notebook file and follow the instructions there to complete the task. Do not delete and do not modify cells with test code.

Please note that some parts of the qualification assignment are intentionally hard and require a lot of work. If you are not able to complete the full set of tasks, we encourage you to submit your solutions to the part(s) that you are able to complete.

Please submit the notebook with your solutions below, along with your CV and proof of enrollment from your academic institution confirming your full-time student status.

Good luck!

*You are allowed to use any standard Python packages (i.e., any package listed here: https://docs.python.org/3/library/index.html), but nothing else beyond what's already imported in the assignment notebook.
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