Conversational Intelligence Summer School
2 - 8 of July
Free participation
1 week of deep coding
About our school
Dialogue systems and conversational agents – including chatbots, personal assistants and voice control interfaces – are becoming increasingly widespread in our daily lives. In addition to the growing real-world applications, the ability to converse is closely related to the overall goal of AI. Recent advances in machine learning have sparked a renewed interest for dialogue systems in the research community. We are happy to announce the first international Conversational Intelligence Summer School (the 1st CISS), a very special camp designed to dive into the rapidly growing field of dialogue systems and conversational study AI.

Hosted by Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, summer school offers participants a chance to build solid understanding of core conversational AI concepts and techniques. Participants will get hands-on experience in developing their own end-to-end dialog systems with the help of experts
Topics covered:
The program of the CISS school will combine lectures, tutorials and invited talks.
Neural networks for natural language processing
Introduction to neural network frameworks
Best practices of dialogue systems development
Reinforcement learning for natural language processing
State of the art in dialogue systems
Being able to release the code written during the camp
Willing to work intensively for one week and cooperatively work with mentors
Keynote speakers
Anna Rumshisky
UMass Lowell
Yun-Nung (Vivian) Chen
National Taiwan University
Denis Yarats
Facebook AI Research
Iulian Serban
University of Montreal
Alexey Ozerin
Mikhail Burtsev
iPavlov project
Valentin Malykh
iPavlov project
Mikhail Arkhipov
iPavlov project
Vikhreva Mariia
Lymar Aleksey
Litinsky Aleksey
Gureenkova Olga
Yura Kuratov
PhD student
Eugeniya Cheskidova
BSc student
Marat Zaynutdinov
Nikolay Bushkov
PhD student
Dilyara Baymurzina
PhD student
Maxim Petrov
PhD student
Denis Kuznetsov
PhD student
Taras Khakhulin
BSc student
School timetable
Monday, July 2

10:00 - 10:30 Registration
Tuesday, July 3
Wednesday, July 4
Thursday, July 5
Friday, July 6
Fee and travel grants
Participation is free. Based on committee judging, a limited number of participant will be eligible for travel grants. We will provide сoffee breaks for all participants.

We particularly encourage young researchers and students to apply. This is your chance get hands-on skills in conversation modelling and learn about state-of-the-art techniques in this hot field.
Important dates
28.04 - 17.06
28.04 - 17.06
Qualification round
Announcement of qualification round winners
2.07 - 8.07
2.07 - 8.07
Summer school
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