2nd Conversational Intelligence Summer School

About CISS
Dialogue systems and conversational agents are becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives, from commercial personal assistants (such as Amazon Echo and Google Assistant) and customer service chatbots to intelligent tutors and voice control interfaces. Recent advances in artificial intelligence have put some of these practical applications within reach.

The Conversational Intelligence Summer School (CISS) aims to train young researchers and future employees interested in this challenging and exciting field in state-of-the-art techniques and provide them with hands-on skills to develop such applications. This one-week intensive program includes a combination of instruction and programming tutorials, invited lectures by top researchers, and supervised project work. As students of today receive training in this emerging field, they will acquire the knowledge and skills it takes to innovate the applications of tomorrow.

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Important dates for a students
15 Feb, 2019
15 Feb, 2019
Registration opens
25 March 2019
25 March 2019
Application deadline
5 April 2019
5 April 2019
Admission notification
24 - 29 June 2019
24 - 29 June 2019
Summer school
Invited Speakers
Jason Weston

Kate Saenko
Dept of Computer Science, Boston University
Alexander Rush
Dept of Computer Science, Harvard University
João Sedoc
Dept of Computer and Information Science, University of Pennsylvania
Instructors will include the organizers as well as several researchers from the organizers' research labs.
Text Machine Lab
University of Massachusetts Lowell
Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
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