July, 2-8 / MIPT

Application deadline: 2018, June 10.

What is DeepHack?
А 24/7 week-long sci-hack school with the goal to solve fundamental problems of AI
6th Hackathon

in the DeepHack series
24/7 week-long

of deep coding
50 participants

go to final round at MIPT
1 winning team

will be awarded a trip to NIPS
А 24/7 week-long sci-hack summer school with the goal to create a chatbot that can hold an intelligent conversation with a human
To participate in the qualification round you should:
- train your dialogue system on PersonaChat dataset,
- submit it to ConvAI competition (please feel free to use the provided baselines),
- register for DeepHack.Chat hackathon here (please note that every member of a team should register).

In the qualification round your system will be evaluated by means of automatic metrics. We will select 10 to 12 best-performing teams from ConvAI leaderboard to participate in DeepHack.Chat final round. During the hackathon teams will work on their chatbots and evaluate other teams' systems. The human evaluation will define the winner.

You can work on your dialogue system as a team. Please note that we allow teams of up to 5 people.
Important dates
10.05 - 10.06
10.05 - 10.06
Qualifying round
11.06 - 30.06
11.06 - 30.06
Committee judging
2.07 - 8.07
2.07 - 8.07
Summer hackathon
The main prize is the journey to the Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) 2018,
Montréal, Canada
Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab
General partners

Address: Institutskiy per., 9, Dolgoprudnyy, 141701
Mail: info@deephack.me

Meet our team
Neural Networks and Deep Learning Lab
Mikhail Burtsev
Varvara Logacheva
Valentin Malykh
Darya Moroz
Darya Bobkova
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